Kemix Agitators

Specialised Agitation Technology for Demanding Applications

Kemix designs and manufactures Agitators catering for light, medium and heavy duty applications. These applications may range from simple slurry storage in open tanks to complex chemical reaction systems under extreme conditions of temperature and pressure.

Medium to heavy duty Agitators are used predominantly in the mining, mineral processing, chemical, sewage and water treatment industries. The light duty range is predominately used in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Kemix offers a range of impeller systems from 45 or 32 degree pitch turbines, high efficiency hydro-foil impellers, flat or curved blade turbines and disc turbines. Customised agitator system design is possible by combining any of the previously mentioned impeller types to achieve the specified agitating duty.

Kemix Agitators
A detailed selection criteria is used in selecting the correctly sized agitator for customer specific process design information.  Based on this information, Kemix will determine the correct number, size and type of impellers required.

A gearbox and electric motor drives the predetermined wet end configuration. The drive assembly is mounted on a base plate which is adequately sized to withstand the forces associated with agitation. The wet end comprises of a solid or pipe shaft complete with bladed spokes and impeller blades. Blades can either be bolted or welded onto the spoke assemblies.

Impeller systems that would be considered are as follows:

  • High efficient hydro-foil impellers or Hiflo blades
  • 45 and 32 degree pitch turbines
  • Flat blade turbine
  • Curved blade turbine
  • Disc turbine