There have been advances in resin technology and an introduction of a range of ion exchange resins that offer selectivity and improved loading capacities. Furthermore, resin bead size and mechanical durability improvements have led to the fact that Resin-in-Pulp (RIP) technology can be considered as a technical and viable process option for the recovery of metal from pulp streams.

Kemix has a history of specialising in Carbon-in-Pulp (CIP) design and equipment supply. With our experience base in in-pulp screening of adsorbents from slurry, it was a logical initiative to review the possibility of using our carbon experience in the development of RIP opportunities.

Kemix adapted the Pumpcell technology as a process route for RIP type applications. Evaluations into using Pumpcell and RIP technology for the recovery of gold, base metals and uranium have been performed.

To date Kemix has developed a knowledge base with respect to the application of RIP technology, the operating constraints and the operability of auxiliary equipment.

Pumpcells Technology