Company Profile

Kemix - Taking Metallurgy to New Levels

Kemix specialises in the design and supply of Pumpcell Plants, Interstage Screens, Agitators, Regeneration Kilns and Electrowinning Cells to the metallurgical industry.

The company has consistently set industry benchmarks since its inception in 1982, and its history is marked by several innovative developments. Its formative years coincided with the rise in popularity of the commercial use of activated carbon for the recovery of gold. During this period, Kemix specialised in the design and supply of leach Agitators.

A commitment to providing turnkey solutions to the industry saw Kemix expand its scope with the design and development of the Minerals Processing Separating (MPS) Interstage Screen. This revolutionary technology is today considered, standard equipment used in adsorption circuits for the interstage separation of carbon in gold bearing pulp.

A solutions oriented approach has underscored numerous initiatives over the years and in yet another innovation, Kemix developed the pumping version of the MPS screen which incorporates the pumping impeller. With the advent of the Minerals Processing Separating Pumping (MPS(P)) screen Kemix became involved in the development of Pumpcell technology. The Pumpcell is a high capacity adsorption circuit utilising the carousel mode of operation.

Quality and service are two concepts that go hand-in-hand at Kemix. As such, a dedicated and skilled multi-disciplinary team provides comprehensive product back-up and support to customers. The company's capabilities are underscored by sophisticated computer aided design and drawing programs, as well as contract management programmes.